Bill Sardi

As a health journalist, I try to write about health, not necessarily disease. I attempt to apply critical thinking to today's failed efforts to address health issues, such as the failed approaches to control obesity. I try to write what others haven't, and I try to do a better job of researching and citing evidence than what has preceded my written works.

I am frequently asked about my qualifications. I answer by saying I am a reporter, not an expert. The strength of the words I use are only gleaned from the references I cite. Good science has to be uncovered and given an opportunity to be revealed. There is so much pseudo-science today. Imagine, the Atkins diet had nothing but one doctor's notion and experience. He was trying to trim waistlines by trading sugars for fats, and had no idea whether such a diet would improve health or longevity. It became an overnight sensation, at least commercially. Any diet that would say it's OK to eat fatty meat from animals that were sent to the feeding pen to fatten them up prior to slaughter, that would say it is OK to consume all the fatty dairy products and hydrogenated fats, should have never received an iota of attention. But gluttony prevailed.

If you don't find what I write to be of value, please let me know.