Downsizing your body book
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NEW BOOK: Downsizing Your Body

What happened to America?

Americans have grown in girth but we were lean and slim in the 1950's &60's ... without even trying. What changed? The new book explains why Americans can't control their weight while japanese and mediterranean populations remain slim.

$14.95 paperback, 256 p. Order button

Reviews by readers

This is one of the most important books - if not actually the most important book - to come out this year. While it appears to be about losing weight, or as the title says, Downsizing Your Body, it is really about so much more than that: living longer, living healthier, and avoiding the disease "traps" that surround us all. Clearly written, easily understood, this book is for everyone, slim or obese, healthy or sick. I very much recommend this to all. ~Scott Tips, President of the National Health Federation

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Health Talk with Dr.Ronald Hoffman

February 10, 2010, WOR NewsTalk Radio 710

Bill Sardi, author of 'Downsizing Your Body' stops by Health Talk to discuss how the industrial food complex breeds fat Americans. Tune in to hear how you can help

Bill Sardi

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Bill Sardi: photo

As a health journalist, I try to write about health, not necessarily disease. I attempt to apply critical thinking to today's failed efforts to address health issues, such as the failed approaches to control obesity.

  • Conventional Medicine Is Clueless Over The Cause Of The Diabesity Epidemic

    February 8, 2006: by Downsizing Your Body Book

    Journal American Medical Association

    It cost over $415 million and took over eight years, in what was called the “Rolls Royce of studies,” to conclude that low-fat diets do not reduce health risks for breast or colon cancer or heart disease. The study involved 49,000 women aged 50-79, the age group that typically experiences post-menopausal weight gain. Fat intake was reduced to 20% and at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables were consumed over the 8-year study period, following the National Institutes of Health food pyramid and National Cancer Institute guidelines. One expert said this study is the final word on fat and age-related disease. An article in the New York Times said “The results do not justify recommending low-fat diets to reduce heart disease or cancer.

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